Site suggestion

I didn’t know where to put this post, so here it is…

Create a forum board where we can show & link to our Xojo creations :slight_smile:

I have created programs with Xojo (and I guess you have too) and want to show people my wares…

If there is already a forum for this I have not found it ?, what u think… ?

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The Xojo App Showcase is not very useful if you develop non-english software - as there is no way for people to select their desired language and see, if there is localized software for them. Not even a localized description is available…

Thanks Brandon, Just had a look at the xojo showcase, it looks a bit like an android app store, i’m wondering if xojo takes a cut from purchases ?, and do apps have to be ‘approved’ to be on there ?..

I just ask Xojo Team (Dana or Alyssa I don’t remember) and she added my applications. And they don’t take any cut.

Thanks for the feedback guys, I think I will have a go at putting my project on there :slight_smile: