Siri Voices


On Mac OS 11, in Accessibility → Spoken Content → System Voices: , there are 4 Siri Voice options (English US). However when I get a list a voices on the computer those 4 voices don’t come up.

Also if I go to System>Library>SpeechBase>Voices there are some voices there that don’t come up in the list of voices. I looked at the plist for AaronCompact.SpeechVoice, which doesn’t appear in the list of voices, and noticed a line that says “”

Now compared to one of the voices that appear in the list, for example Samantha, the line is slightly different - “” . No “custom.siri”.

Is it possible to set the voice in “say -v” to one of the Siri voices or one of the other voices that don’t appear in. the list or are the reserved just fro Apple to use?


It appears that it is not possible to use the actual Siri voices with the say command. This may change in a future OS X release (I have not tried it on Mac OS 12, but it does not work in Mac OS 11):

I see. I kind of figured that might be the case. Well, no biggie.