Simulator not running app

I’m running Xojo Pro 2016 Release 3 - on a mac 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 - 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Since updating Xcode yesterday the IOS Simulator is not loading up any apps (including xojo examples) - it just stops at the iphone 5 main screen.
Simulator is Version 10.0 (SimulatorApp-700.14 - Xcode is Version 8.1 (8B62)
Anybody else got this?

Launch Xcode and make sure the tools version on the last panel of preferences is correct.

Heres the Tab

The app now loads up but not until the simulator is actually running.
I have to stop the app and start it again

I have the exact same issue as Stuart describes. I can run the app from Xojo which launches the iOS Simulator but the app never fires up. If the iOS Simulator is already running, the app will then launch. I’m pretty sure this only started occurring with Xcode 8.1 and xcode-select points to the correct version of Xcode.

For comparison, I do not have this issue in Xcode itself - I can run an iOS project there and it fires up the simulator and runs the app properly.

Any ideas what’s going on?

A bug report with as much documentation as possible would not hurt. I am still with XCode 7.3 because I fear 8.1.

For sure, just seeing if anyone can shed any light first and then I’ll submit a case tonight.


Gavin Smith Today at 12:50 PM
OS: OS X 10.12.1

Xojo: Xojo 2016r3

Regression: Yes

Steps: Since upgrading to Xcode 8.1 (and macOS Sierra 10.12.1, although I’m not sure this part is relevant), I cannot run Xojo apps in the iOS Simulator without booting the simulator first. If I click Run, the Simulator successfully boots up but remains on the springboard. The app does not launch but Xojo appears to think that it is running.

However, if the iOS Simulator is already running, I can run the app just fine.

Expected Result:
Clicking run boots the simulator and launches the app

Actual Result:
Clicking run boots the simulator but doesn’t launch the app

Run twice from Xojo - the first time boots the simulator. Now kill the debug app by clicking stop in Xojo. Run again.

I am experiencing the same thing. If the simulator is already running it appears to load the app, but not if the simulator has to be loaded first.

Apple has, with Xcode 8, changed the way the simulator works in a way that causes this
We’re looking into remedies

I have a similar problem. Just got a new MacBook and I have Xojo 2015 Release 1 running. Downloaded the latest Xcode and when I click on the run button, this error message appears: “An error occurred when attempting to launch the application. Could not find the iOS simulator.”

Could it be that Xojo needs an update first?

Xojo 2015 Release 1 needs Xcode 6 IIRC. If you are using the latest Xcode, you’ll also want the latest Xojo.