Simulator for 13.7

I had Xcode 11.5 and it stopped at iOS Simulator 13.5
Plugged in an iPad with 13.7 and Xcode won’t talk to it

Upgraded Xcode to 12.0 and the simulator now wants everything to be iOS14, but I still don’t have the ability to talk to a 13.7 device.

Anyone know how to get 13.7 simulator installed?

Sorry I am not sure I understand everything.
Are you trying to run a Xojo made iOS app from the debugger on your actual device? That isn’t possible yet.

To install other versions of the simulator, open Xcode, from the menu go to Window > Devices and Simulators
Select Simulators at the top then click the + button at the bottom left to add a new simulator

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No, not a Xojo app on this occasion.
When writing a Xojo iOS app, i usually start by making a Swift project with the same name, and having Xcode create profiles etc automatically.
When I press run, it sends a debug copy to my device.

Today, it wont connect.
I have a message to say that there is no framework installed for 13.7
The simulator doesnt recognise higher than 13.4

So I updated Xcode to version 12, and now it wants iOS14.
That plus button only allows me to create iOS14 ‘devices’

What I need to install is the folder of stuff that is 13.7 so that it will run on my actual device.
(which I dont want to install iOS14 on just yet… Im sick being forced to move versions every 10 minutes…)

If you look in Xcode preferences, there’s an option to download earlier simulators. Is it not in there?

There is such an option.
It lists as far as 13.5
There is a tickbox to check and automatically update, but nothing causes 13.7 to appear in that list or begin downloading.
Seems like it was only available in Xcode 11.7 (which I skipped over to 12)

I found some folders in ~/Library/Developer/
I renamed the 13.6.1 folder to say 13.7 and restarted Xcode
That works… the 13.6.1 framework is clearly close enough.