Simple TCP Listen app

Hi Folks,
I am curios if some has a quick TCP listen app for testing. I have a program I am writing that sends out TCP commands to some equipment. I have some issues with the app sending commands and I want to monitor the commands sent. Sometimes the command is sent just once (correct) and other times it is sent multiple times. I tried using Wireshark to monitor it , but no commands appear in the tcp traffic. I know the app is sending as the intended gear responds to the command sent, including the multiples…

I know I can write one pretty quick (okay a couple hours for me), but I would then be concerned which of my apps was correct…

If you are willing to share, my email address is


You can quickly look in Xojo examples for ServerSocket!

I saw that one and planned to try it. I was more concerned if it did not work, would that be my error modifying that app or my error in my main app. Since I am testing in virtual mode, it is much harder to debug. I won’t get to connect the physical gear for another week or so.


Did you try an example project or not?

You got it backwards. The correct order of events is:

  1. Try
  2. IF it doesn’t work, ask.


Hi Christian,
I did get it to work and it did prove I have keyboard.AsyncKeyDown issue IN THE APP i am developing. Now I can focus on resolving that problem.


Hi Markus,
I am know for doing things backwards… :wink: