Simple Report from text field

Hi all, i am quite new, and so far managed to build my first application, but in the end i am finding some small issues with generating a report, all i want to do is have some text fields on my main window, the user will input some text in them and then pushing a button and will show the inputed text in the report and eventually print it.

I looked into quite a few examples, the closest i found is showing a report from a list box in the tutorials but got confused as well as it is quite bit different then a text box, anyone willing to help me to get started around this issue.

many thanks in advance

One way to do what you want is to combine the text in your input fields into a string and use EndOfLine to separate the fields.

dim s as string s = TextField1.text + EndOfLine + EndOfLine + TextField2.text + EndOfLine + EndOfLine + TextField3.text //Then set your report field's text to s ReportField.text = s

Using 2 EndOfLines between each input field puts a space between them in the report field.

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I can send you a project along with an accompanying text document that explains exactly what is done to get a report from a listbox. Yes, it is reporting from a listbox. The trick is that the accompanying document explains all the pieces that are needed to get the data to appear on the report. That document, along with the project, may help you to figure out how to accomplish what it is that you want to do. The other alternative is to produce the report manually since it sounds like you don’t have a lot of items to place in to the report.

Thanks Terrence i will try to get out something out of the small example.
Harrie that example i have looked into it into the project examples , but could not understand the concept behind it, it seemed different to what i want to do , what i need is having the user input some text in the input text fields of the form and then what the user inputs will be forwarded to the report template that i will prepare with the same fields of the form so it could be printed out.
i guess a manual report is what i need but still did not figure out how to pass the data from the form to the report and open the report for printing.

Thanks for the help and would appreciate if you can send me a small example with just 2 input fields in a form and then shown on a report.

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Regards and thanks for your help.