Simple ftp access needed

I want to read a textfile from a ftp server (I know the access path)

Is there a simple way to do this in Xojo ?

Any code snippets will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Search this forum (and the previous RealStudio forum) for topics about CURL

Somewhere I have a cURL class that I posted… and MBS has one too.

Not to mention many 3rd party FTP classes

CURLSMBS class is fine and does SSL, too.

Dave’s right … you’ve got a number of options here. For what it’s worth, I bought the CURLSMBS last year (mostly for FTP access in the beginning) and it’s become absolutely INVALUABLE to me since then. Not too many projects where I don’t use it. The amount of coding time saved because of its broad functionality is significant. Funny thing is, I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface with it so far too. Best part of all is the rather broad range of Xojo example projects MBS provides with the plug … Personally, I don’t find MBS documentation to be that easy to use for learning purposes … but darn near everything I’ve needed to do so far, I found an example project that was either exactly what I wanted to do, or darn close to it.

… and no, before you think the above is some BS testimonial, I don’t work for MBS (do speak a little German though and that’s as close as I come) … I just call 'em as I see 'em … and I appreciate people making my life simpler (even when I do have to pay for it if it brings me that kind of value).

… Don

Thank you. By the way, did you see the new InputData property which for most projects no longer means you need a Read event.

Just got the email with the update announcement on Tuesday of this week. I haven’t had the time yet to download and try it in the midst of the heavy-duty coding I’ve been doing while plastered to this seat in my home office … but you’ve awakened the sleeping curiosity beast with your statement of “no longer means you need a Read event”. That got my attention!

… Don

Thinking about either MBS Curl or FTP Suite.

I wonder which one may be easier to use for my simple task?

FTP Suite is no longer supported and I doubt it’ll go 64-bit.
CURLMBS is a little more complex, but way more flexible (esp. re security) and supports more FTP sites (not all FTP sites are the same). As per normal, have a look at the examples.