Simple Database for Mac app

Hi - question from a beginner.

I’m creating a desktop app for Mac - a personality test. First I need to set up my database of 100’s of bits of text.
The user chooses squares, then I want to grabs bits of text from this database and put them on-screen.

I’m thinking of creating this database using “Base” then using SQLite to access it in the program. Any advice?

Thanks, G.

Kind of a broad question. Using Base and accessing the dbFile via Xojo’s SQLite plugin makes perfect sense though.

Thank you Peter - sounds like a direction to move in…

Oops - if Base is Mac-only, is there a better way in case I deploy the app later on PCs?
(you mention the SQLite plugin - this is Monkeybread?)
thanks so much…!

SQLite is the database engine “built-in” to XOJO
It requires no 3rd party software, and works for both OSX and Windows right out of the box (the Xojo “box”)
oh, and it is the DB of choice for iOS apps too

[quote=233502:@Gary Dalal]if Base is Mac-only, is there a better way in case I deploy the app later on PCs?
(you mention the SQLite plugin - this is Monkeybread?)[/quote]
Base is Mac-only, but the SQLite databases it creates are fully cross-platform and work on both OS X and Windows.

SQLite is built-in to Xojo and does not require a plugin.

Sorry for the confusion - should have said embedded SQLite engine.

I’m re-building an old VB6 project - I already have a Access database with a ton of text inside.
I’d like to import it to re-use it in Xojo (primarily for a mac app, but pc later).
I’m looking for a database program to do that.

Thank you all !

You can connect to an Access DB using ODBC and then write code to copy the data you want to a SQLite DB. On Mac, the ActualTech ODBC drivers ought to work; ODBC drivers should be built-in to Windows.

Or you can use a 3rd party product to do it, such as SQLiteConverter ( or MDB Viewer (, neither of which I have used. I’m sure there are others as well.

Thank you all - feels like a mountain to climb with everything to learn!

buy the app : mdblite (some $5 ?)
then convert with it your access database to sqlite directly
then use base or other to change it if needed
and access it with xojo sqlite integrated plugin

Awesome - thanks - sounds good JYP

by the way, if anyone knows anything about the mdb file format I’m glad to get some pdf or link about it …
would like to implement a mdb import in my program …