Simp Chinese <-> Trad Chinese

Hi All,

Is there a way in native xojo to automatically translates (perhaps by changing the encodings) Simplified Chinese to/from Traditional Chinese?


Changing the encoding of text has nothing to do with translating it.

The encoding specifies how the text is represented in terms of bytes.
ASCII is a traditional single byte encoding that only handles certain characters.
UTF16 uses 2 bytes per character and because of this can represent a much wider range of characters.
UTF8 uses a variable number of bytes and can handle representing every character in every language (AFAIK)

What you’re seeking is “translation” - ie/ taking english and turning it into french, german, or taking text written in Simplified Chinese and rewriting it in Traditional Chinese, which is more or less the same as translating from Chinese to Chinese and changing the writing system. Kind of like taking Old English and rewriting it in modern English.

And encodings do not have anything to do with that.

And no, Xojo has nothing built in to automatically translate one into the other.

There is no one to one correspondence between traditional and simplified characters. In simplified Chinese, the size of the character set was drastically reduced from that of the traditional set.

As I know, there should be some PHPs that can perform such translation, so should I call these PHP instead?