Signing XojoFramework problem

I’m trying to submit a small (free) app to the Mac App Store. It’s called Collimation Aid. During the submission process I received the following error message:

ERROR ITMS-90334: “Bundle identifier mismatch. The executable at XojoFramework in Collimation has been signed with identifier ‘com.ClearAndDark.CollimationAid’ which does not match the bundle identifier ‘com.xojo.XojoFramework’.”

I prepared the package with AppWrapper 3, and i’m on El Capitain, for what it’s worth.

Has anybody any idea how to fix this?


In the App Wrapper code signing settings (the action icon next the certificate selector), unselect “Use same identifier for all components”. I should disable that and remove it, at one time Apple were recommending using this option, but it never really worked. So I left it there incase they force it upon us.