Signing Certificate

Using Inno to build installer for application. I’m getting error: “Sign Tool failed with error code 0x1”.

I sure it’s my Certificate as the file is dated 01/01/2013; forgot to renew.

I removed the ‘sign’ stuff from the .iss file and created the installer, ran ok. Of course when I ran the install it gave the warning message about ‘unknown’ publisher.

I know this is not good, but is it REAL bad? I hate to have to buy another certificate as this is the only application I have and I do not charge for it.

Opinion please…

I vacillate on this one. On the one hand, windows users are pretty used to just clicking past all the warnings. On the other hand, some anti-virus / anti-malware is being more and more aggressive about completely preventing users from being able to run unsigned apps.

If you are making any money on your windows apps at all, it makes sense to pay for a cert. If you are not, it may still make sense if you wish to have the fewest installation headaches possible.

Thanks. I’ll try without it for a while.