Sign app on Windows with Apple certificate?


For my apps on Apple, I have an Apple developper account and App Wrapper.
And to sign my apps on Windows, I bought a pfx file and I use ExeWrapper.
But I found that I can export my Apple certificate as a p12 file with Keychain Access and use it with ExeWrapper to sign my Windows apps.
The app runs OK on Windows via Parallels on my Mac.
And I ask me if that is OK to distribute apps?

Apple Certificate on Windows will not do anything for you. Since its not validated in any way on Windows. So basically will do same as self signed certificate.

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As someone recently emailed me about this I feel the need to point out:

Apple is not a CA for Microsoft Authenticode. Windows will reject the signature. This does not work.


I have an Apple certificate as well. For Windows I have one from Sectigo.

Which brings up another point. I have well over a year to go before I have to update the Sectigo certificate, but it’s not too early to start sniffing out alternatives. Dealing with them is not quite as much fun as pulling out one’s liver. :slight_smile:

agreed it is a hassle every time
I just went through this with them and providing all requested information and last time order info it was just a huge hassle

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Since Windows certificates are such a monumental hassle and SmartScreen builds reputation off the certificate, you should always buy the longest certificate you can afford. I did a 3 year last time. Next time around I’m buying a 10 year certificate from so I don’t have to think about it again for a long while.

Agreed as I bought a 3 year so I would not have to deal with the above mentioned

BUT some cannot do that and have to do yearly and I feel that pain as I have done that for many years

Yes, 3 year here as well (I think the one it replaced was 5 year, but that option was gone.)

Thanks for the recommendation. :slight_smile:

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Are you all suggesting that our WebApps with a digital certificate (ie AppName.crt) will need to have that file replaced fairly frequently, or will it keep working for expired certificates?

This discussion pertains to code signing desktop applications.

Ah, thank you

Hmm…from renewal time, ten years would put me into my mid-seventies. I should do that as a sign of optimism. :slight_smile:

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@Jerry_Fritschle = Jerry_Fritschle + 10 :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your responses!