Shy suggestions box on Windows 10...

So I’ve recently moved from a Macbook Air to a Lenovo Thinkpad. My display setup is pretty much the same as it was before:

Laptop Display: Primary (2160x1440 Thinkpad, 1440x900 MBA)
1080p Monitor: Secondary (1920x1080p Acer 23")

When I’m at my desk I plug into a 1080p monitor which is my second display, on Windows this seems to be where the issues start. I have been using the IDE on the second screen to make it easier to see but leaving the laptop display as primary so that my desktop doesn’t get messy when transitioning from one screen to another. The drawback of using the second screen on Windows seems to be this:

(Spacing to the right a little gets it to come out!)

As you can see the drop down suggestions box seems to be hiding at the edge of my screen. Has anybody else experienced this?

Ahh yes I see the scaling on your laptop display is at 150%?

It’s an old issue that has (seemingly) far reaching ramifications (as its not been fixed yet), the framework isn’t calculating coordinates correctly when monitors with mixed scaling are involved.


If you need a temporary fix, set the scaling on your laptop screen to 100% while you are working on this second monitor.

150% Spot on!

Yes it seems I’ll have to set this to 100% for now. I do hope this gets fixed at some point!