How i made this to open a New Page Or a New Tab on the Web

Dim f As Integer

ShowURL can’t open a new page or tab in Web Edition. You will need to assign the url to a WebLink, which you can then configure to open in a new window.

ok Thanks

So how i can made a reports on the web

i am using jasper by URL but i have to compile a app on java and i like to do all on XOJO.

i like to do Inventory list and then print

The way I’m currently doing it is I have a button to generate the report (a pdf), then after the report is generated I unhide a WebLink that says “Click here to view report” and set its url to the pdf. The WebLink is configured to open in a new window.

but how you do that.

what app do you use to do the reports

I use Valentina Studio with their Reports ADK.

There’s also BKeeney Shorts, but it’s non-WYSIWYG. Plus you’ll still need a PDF library to create the PDF.

I think there’s some others also, but I haven’t looked into them.

I have made the Reports in iReports jasper (SalesRep.jsp but i dot now if i can call jsp files from Xojo if any plug-in )

A far as I know, Xojo can’t load/run Jasper reports. You’ll need to have a Jasper report server running, then you can use a WebLink in Xojo to call it.

just in case I will add into this thread link to our new ONLINE EXAMPLE of Valentina Reports.

You can find archives (PHP/Xojo) with projects and reports itself on the each example page.

Valentina Reports can do things, which Jasper cannot. For example, you can make sub-reports longer of single page.

Note, that right now runs OmegaBundle-2013, and Valentina Reports for Xojo is included there, with FIVE copies of Valentina Studio PRO and Valentina Report Server INFINITY.

how i can trait to made a report with valentina to see it works for me before buy.

[quote=34946:@Alexis Colon Lugo]how i can trait to made a report with valentina to see it works for me before buy.

ANSWER is given on the Valentina Reports FAQ page

Third question: Can I test before buy?

in short, note that:
VSEVER/5 is FREE always
You can use ANY and ALL Valentina ADKs as clients to that VSERVER for FREE.

VS PRO is only required to make reports saved to disk.

Without serial, you still can use VStudio to make one or many reports under that VSERVER/5 and they will live as long as vserver is not restarted. So you can make report in VStudio, then connect from your Xojo or PHP application(s) and get report generated by VSERVER.

the VSERVER is Like SQLITE or PostgreSQL

VSERVER is DB Server + Report Server. So it is more like postgreSQL DB Server.

But Valentina also can be LOCAL only engine, as SQLite.

in FAQ we mention VServer/5 as free way to test reports created by Vstudio and THEN tested from Xojo app.
Without VServer you cannot make such test before purchase of VS PRO serial at least.

But code is very same for LOCAL db/reports and for VServer DB/Reports,

but how i use the reports with out the ADK.

if order the OmegaBundle-2013 mini and the Order the ADK i save some money.

i am short on money i am looking for the best way to get it

I have two years I’m out of work the company i was working close.

I am working in a small project but i use my save and i have problems for the Rs and Xojo Reports on the web i am using jasper for now

i have about $250.00 to find my solution.

You need download & install 3 archives for OS you are using:

  1. VStudio PRO – to be able DESIGN REPORTs.
  2. Valentina for Xojo ADK, it is named as V4RB on our site – this is plugin for RB/Xojo.
  3. Valentina Server

So of course you need ADK. Note that V4RB archive contains BOTH – DB ADK and Reports ADK.

You wonder how you will use it without serials?

  1. even LOCAL DB engine without serials, works in 10 min demo mode. You can start your app and 10 min work with it. Then again start and again. In 10 min Valentina can do a lots. You can easy create even table with million records.

  2. LOCAL Report engine without serials - also can work in DEMO mode. You will get your reports, just they will have DEMO watermark on page.

  3. each Valentina ADK contains also VCLIENT. And it is always free.
    Valentina.InitClient() – do not have serials.

You see?

For your Xojo Web application you can use VServer/5 and V4RB – for free.
And you need obtain only VS PRO.

Have you see Mini OmegaBundle? It includes copy of VS PRO. Mini bundle cost only 99$

So as far as I see, you can find solution for 99$ total.

And since you talk about Web Edition App, you exactly need VServer to handle few connections.
BTW, just yesterday one Xojo developer have inform me, that he was able extend VServer/5 from 5 connections to 50 :slight_smile:
He have write some pool in his Xojo Web app…

One more note.

Even if you will want later SALE your Web Xojo App… You do not need pay more for Valentina.

Example. You want sale/deploy/install your WebApp to 100 schools.
Each school need just in 1 min obtain own license of free VServer/5, and nothing more.

They do not need VS PRO license, because they not going change reports, which you have create. Right?
So you give them your WebApp, you install them Vserver/5, get free license for it from our site, and DONE.

For info:
We have also way of VDN – VServer Embedded, you pay once $599, and then you can deploy Vserver Embedded/5 royalty free. As many copies as you want. This way simplifies installation process, because no need for each user obtain own license of Vserver. And other advantages.

but app is working with PostgreSQL so the price for made Reports for DeskTops

so the Price ADK is $99.00 or $200.00

[quote=35214:@Alexis Colon Lugo]so the Price ADK is $99.00 or $200.00

       YourWebApp (free VCLIENT from V4RB)    <--->  VSERVER/5 (free)  keep reports  <-----> PostgreSQL 

So you need only license of VS PRO, to be able design reports.
You see?

Normally VS PRO cost 199$, but right now it is included into OB Mini, which itself cost 99$ only.