ShowURL vs GotoURL

Can anyone tell me why the GotoURL (replacement for ShowURL) gets a “This Item Doesn’t Exist” error in iOS?

(Happy New Year by the way!)

Because it is System.GoToURL(<url text>).

Do we need to recode using GoToURL? ShowURL is still working

Nope, but down the line if they fix something in GotoURL it’s not guaranteed that it will automatically be fixed in ShowURL


Aaa, thanks Dale

So basically, it would be best to switch to GoToURL

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Actually I’m not sure if it is “tel:” isn’t working for me so I thought gotourl may work

I had a heartbreak: Goto is back…:cold_sweat:

Argh… another glitch ! is unknow…




This ƒ… software dislike answers with only 1 character !