showurl to work with messages app (OS X)

on a mac OSX I can set up Xojo, to open up mail with all adresses in a BCC field… like this:

Dim s1 As String
s1 = “mailto:” + MyOwnEmail+_

This will open up mail, and put all email addresses in the bcc field…

But how can I do this with the… for sending SMS to many ?

Possibly with AppleScript

AppleScript :slight_smile:

Just tried the above and it works just great :slight_smile:

While SMS urls only work on iOS this is a very useful document regardless

Try this:


According to the plist; Apple Messages is registered to handle the following URL types:

  • IMSG://
  • iChat://
  • Messages://
  • aim://
  • xmpp://
  • im://

I have a quick try and could make Messages appear, but I couldn’t get anything else to happen, hopefully with a bit more experiementation you can figure it out.

Otherwise the Apple Script may prevent your application from shipping on the Mac App Store (technically the Apple Script won’t, but reviewers frequently block apps that use any form of Apple Script).

After playing around and using the doc Norman referenced I don’t see how to set any body text though without AppleScript.