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I’ve found the old messages (and there’s one of Aug 2016 that could help)
but seems impossible to reach

Anyway: is it possible to open in the browser gmail and create an email to send / eventually attach a file from desktop ?

Dim URL as String
URL = “

In particular: how to add a recipient and subject / text / file in attach

AFAIK only if the Browser allows to catch mailto: Links from external Application Sources and redirect them to your GMail Account (like Chrome does).

But you will not be able to attach files with a mailto Link only. See here for example.

If you have MBS Plugins, it’s actually not that hard to send/receive E-Mails from within your App via GMail. See here for example.

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Thanks it works like a charm at full gmail windows size:

If i would open the new message in half size the window like this one:
How to link the rest of the string ?

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You can‘t :upside_down_face:

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I see (done tons of test) :sweat:
Very last, how to add the body of the email showing my default signature in gmail ?
I see that adding the body (see the URL below) the signature not appears, while leaving only the subject the signature appears … (but need to add the body manually …)

URL = “

Here (Chrome on Windows) it works fine using your URL. But you can add Linebreaks in your URL with %0D%0A and add your Signature to the MailTo URL.

I’m on Chrome on Mac, my signature appears automagically when write a new email.
Are you suggesting to add signature in the URL ? But why it doesn’t appear automagically ?

I assume i do not understand what you describe (excuse my weak english). :slight_smile:
I do not suggest to add a Signature, because it appears automatically.

You are saying that the Signature appreas automatically and at the same time that it does not appear automatically?

I think, as soon as you add a Body to the URL, Gmail is expecting a full body, which would include a Signature. So, if you do not add a body to the URL, Gmail will add your Signature as always. But if you add a body to your URL, Gmail expects you to also add a Signature to the body in the URL? :slightly_smiling_face:

ah ah ah sorry @Sascha_S i would say that normally (when use) Gmail adds my signature but with URL no. As you correct pointed probably Gmail when read the URL and not find a signature in the URL not adds automagically it … but how to add my default Gmail Signature in the URL ?

Just add it to the body as any other text.

Don’t forget to Encode the Text before adding it to your URL, using EncodeURLComponent.

The signature is not in plain text but something like this:


How can i add a signature like this ?
No way to ‘call’ the signature that is on Gmail account ?