ShowModalWithin Parent

window2.showmodalwithin Window1


window2.showmodalwithin Window3

if there a way to determine window that window2 is WITHIN
ie. code in WINDOW2 that would identify WINDOW1 in the first example and WINDOW3 in the second

basically I have a few minor things that Window2 needs to do differnetly depending on its “PARENT” at any given instant

On your sheet window set up a Display method that accepts a Window as a parameter, something like

Sub Display(winParent as Window) mwinParent = winParent self.ShowModalWithin(mwinParent) End Sub
Then mwinParent would be a property of the sheet that you could use when you needed it.
Just be careful with this design though, if you’re reaching out of the sheet you might be doing the design paradigm incorrectly. Usually, the parent window needs to access properties of the sheet to set things on itself.

yeah… that is what I have… was hoping there was a “better” way