ShowModal fails

I develop on Mac OS. Now with OSX 10.3.3 and Xojo 2015 Rel 2.1 or 2.2 my existing project fails when I open a window using ShowModal. The new window opens BEHIND existing windows (in the app). The windows in question are Movable modal and are opened with .ShowModal. These secondary windows no longer open in front. The program crashes when I use a control to close one of the windows. The project source has never exhibited this behavior in the past, either as an .app on Mac OS or in the Xojo debugging environment. The program freezes and the only way to stop it is to use Force Quit in Mac OS. Right now I am dead in the water. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Mac OS X Panther? Or do you mean 10.10.3? :wink:

Thanks, Peter, you are correct. I am using OSX 10.10.3.

Would the window that shows behind be a regular document window that you use showmodal on by any chance ? It won’t make it modal and indeed it will show behind a movable modal.

Make it a movable modal, and when you showmodal it, it should show on top. I just tested that on a quick little test project.

Thanks, Michel, but it was movable modal.

However, I think there is a bug in my source, perhaps from changes in separate modules.

For the moment, please consider this issue to be closed.