Showcase XOJO Screenshot upload not working

Hi guys.

Unfortunately, the following step submitting our application is not working:

When you click on “upload”, nothing happens.

The Screenshots are fine, but please have a look for yourself:

What am I doing wrong?


Hi @Dirk_Bockelmann

Maybe a transient problem? These are uploading ok here. Please, contact me privately if you still have problems submitting your app and I’ll be glad to help with this.

Thank you!

Oh, wait… getting a closer look at your “Upload” screen, I can see that the screenshot has been uploaded already.

You can upload one screenshot per platform on Desktop (Win, macOS, Linux). It seems to me that you uploaded one screenshot (see the “File uploaded: lodgit.jpg” text below the uploading fields). In fact, the “Upload” button is disabled, because you uploaded the selected files (one, in this case), and then the “Next” button is enabled to jump to the next step in the submission form.

At this point in the submission form, you can always click on the “Reset” button to start over the selection of screenshots to upload.

FWIW: I had the issue (a few months) ago, that the system was requesting a screenshot for each platform until the button worked, which of course makes little (aka no) sense for a web app ;-). Not sure if that was a temporary issue or still exists.

Hi @Jeannot_Muller

For a Web app, it only asks for one Screenshot (did you select the right platform in the first screen of the submission assistant?)

Thank you for your feedback!

HI @Javier_Menendez

good question? It has been a while. Feb 21 I think, but I remember that you helped me out too and that you were surprised that there were 3 screenshots :wink: . It can be that I made a mistake, but I am pretty sure that at that time I selected Web, but that besides the screenshots I was surprised by a few other questions which fit more to a desktop app than a web “app”. Almost 6 months is a long time, you pretty sure made some changes meanwhile …

Yeah, I remember changing it from Desktop to Web :wink:

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Hahaha, okay you won :wink: .

Jeannot is too dumb to use your app - well, that’s a showcase too, isn’t it :wink:

Everyone makes mistakes, and I’m not an exception :nerd_face:

Is not about who “wins”, I’m sure we all win having your web app and many, many others listed on the Xojo Showcase! :+1:

Thank you all!


Yep, thx at @Javier_Menendez for clarifying. Still, it would be great to redesign this form to see a clear progress. I was really thinking there is a bug.
Still, I don’t get any Email or a different confirmation, that my application was received. I had also trouble sending it. Is there any confirmation mail involved?


Most likely temporary glitches. I had no problem installing the program.

I’m also stuck on uploading a screenshot to Showcase. It’s my second or third attempt to get my apps on this but I’ve failed each time from a UI point of view. Obviously other’s have managed but my problems include:

  1. No way of saving progress so far when hit a glitch - have to start over.
  2. App logos seem to be needing exactly 150x150 and 50x50 sizes - despite saying maximum size on the screen. So several retries to get my logos to the desired sizes.
  3. Screenshot upload not working - I can select a file (carefully chosen to be under 1024x1024) but then when I press Upload it just clears the file. I can’t get past this screen.
  4. App classifications different to Apple’s - so no classification for Photography for example.
  5. No advance specification of what is required to complete the entry - would be useful to know before starting. You don’t find out until you get to the desired page.
    I feel that to be an advert for Xojo Cloud this ought to run more smoothly.

Hi @James_Pitchford

Please, send the logos and screenshots to me in a private message so I can see what’s wrong.

Thank you!