Showcase, the first public Xojo Web 2.0 app!

Have you seen it?

That app is the first public app by Xojo Inc. using their own Web 2.0 engine.


There are some good apps there, some I use!

I don’t use Xojo for Web, so don’t know the ins and outs. But I have a couple of questions for anyone who knows:

  1. Can I not use the back arrow because of a design choice, or because that’s the way web apps work?
  2. Why does every other row not highlight when I move the mouse over them? Bug or design?

I noticed that same issue. Back button in browser does not take you back to where you were, but exits the app to the page it was lined from. I don’t think this would be expected behavior for most users.

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Not bad for a first attempt, I could see why you’d want to make the admin section a web app, but I’m not sure about the web facing data.

  1. Clicking Submit App takes a long time, is this the kind of response we should be expecting from Web2.0 when a popup is shown?
  2. No search engine optimisation on this, no direct url’s to the apps so this data isn’t indexable.
  3. Cursor doesn’t change to a hand when moving over a list item so visitors don’t know if they can click or its just a list to look at.
  4. Large white space at the end of each section when you’re viewing a product.
  5. When you compress the window width the Submit App icon is incorrectly justified.
  6. When you zoom on a screenshot or watch a video and close it the window returns to the top
  7. Unable to go back using standard web controls
  8. I see javascript:; everywhere, links, combos etc.
  9. Every other listbox entry doesn’t highlight when you mouse over it.
  10. 12px font everywhere
  11. A bounding box appears around the description portion when you scroll the window.
  12. Image content seem to be slow.
  13. Did you really need to showcase the showcase that we’re currently using to view the showcase or were you just short of apps?
  14. Unable to submit an app using a mobile, the buttons are missing, is this by design or is this a desktop only web app?
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yeah, could be faster in future and i like more screenshots (mouse over) at front page list instead of icons.
i uploaded a app but only 1 screenshot was possible. i think it should support more optional until 10.
the 2 icons upload was little bit obstructive.

Thank you so much for all the feedback, guys! It is tremendous valuable and, for sure, it will be improved!!

(Not sending and app from mobile is by design; you can send from Tablet/Desktop… if there is such a high demand on users submitting their apps from mobile… you may bet it will be there too :wink:)

PS2: the Showcase app shown in Showcase is kind of recursion, I know… but, well, it is made with Xojo after all :blush:


It’s nice starting to see things in Web 2.0 :+1:t2:

Not sure if reported already, but the menu links aren’t working, at least on mobile.

Didn’t see the other features available only for desktop :-/

Hi @Ricardo_Cruz_Fernandez , about the Menu links on Mobile (are you using iOS?) Make sure you disabled the setting that blocks any pop-up window from your device Settings.

It’s good to eat your own dog food so to speak right? You get to know xojo web alittle better.


Is it only for Apps which can be downloaded/found on the Web?
Are we allowed to showcase an App which is only available to members of our own company?

Why do we need to click a magnifying glas icon instead of the image? Does’nt feel right. :slight_smile:

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Sure you can add your internal apps; just make sure to add the required links pointing (for example) to your company and main product webpages :ok_hand:t2:


Yeah, you’re right and it is one of the first things I want to improve, so you can click/tap on the image itself! :wink:


Nicely done.

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Noticed that too.

On mobile the list allows scrolling from right to left, which is odd IMHO. Not on desktop.

I think it would also be useful to display more than one column on the desktop, I realize that this probably cannot be done with a Listbox, so perhaps a grid view control that wraps rows (I have one coming for the desktop, perhaps if Xojo are interested in this kind of control we can talk about it via DMs).

I guess still done with the 2020R1 as I still see this coming out of nowhere .

I have seen those, too.
No idea how to trigger them exactly.

Most of the times it is a connection lost from the server. Probably it depends of the connection speed, latency and other network-related issues (including what the operator itself is doing behind scenes).

(It also can be the case me being doing a couple updates today… sorry about that, guys!)

Hi @anon20074439

  1. and 9. are fixed already.

Thank you for your feedback! :ok_hand:t2: