Show emoticon of a sqlite BLOB column

Hello everyone,
I have a column in a sqlite bdd in BLOB format where I store text + emoticons.
But, when reading the content of this field with a label, I have the text but the emoticons appear as ? surrounded by a square!
What can I do?
Thanks for your help.

Could it be that you are not saving or loading the information as UTF-8 (if that is what you are using)?

I’m sorry that I almost always ask for a sample project but is hard to guess what you are doing and what can be done to make it work.

Here’s the code that stores the text “Prenom” of a labeltext (no encoding)

Var PersonRecord As New DatabaseRow

PersonRecord.Column("Prenom").StringValue = Prenom.value
PersonRecord.Column("PhotoVideo").StringValue = Format(DateTime.Now.Hour,"00") + Format(DateTime.Now.Minute,"00") + Format(DateTime.Now.Second,"00") + s.LeftBytes(5) + uFile.Name
PersonRecord.Column("Identifiant").StringValue = "0"

And for reading

Var sql As String = "SELECT Prenom FROM table_"+ datedujour +" WHERE PhotoVideo LIKE '" + f.Name + "'"
Var data As RowSet

  data = DB.SelectSQL(sql)
Catch err As DatabaseException
  MessageDialog.Show("DB Error: " + err.Message)
End Try

Var productName As String
productName = data.Column("Prenom").StringValue
Window2.Prenom.text = productName

I think we have different definitions of sqlite BLOB column and I don’t see the emoticon reference in your code, maybe you are adding emoticons to ‘Prenom’ but not sure.

If you can create a small sample project and the steps to reproduce your problem please share it here (using sharing service link, dropbox, etc.). Maybe easier for someone to run the sample and give better information.

The text is entered by the user via my web application
In datagrip, which allows me to view the database, the emoticon appears to be displayed correctly.

I’m sorry I can’t reproduce your problem using a Xojo included sample and adding an emoji: