Show combobox menu

Would it be possibile to add a method or a property in xojo to show or hide the menu in a combobox?

While it seems a trivial thing to just show or hide a menu in a combobox, from what i could read in this forum you need a declare on windows, and I couldn’t find clues for other platforms. Having the menu open as you type makes a big difference in a UI and mixing several controls or using declares for something like this seems so unclean and inelegant to me. :wink:

I hope I did a good search on the forum and this is the right place to post feature requests…

Best regards to all.

Hi Enrico,

Are you wanting to hide the control or the menu text?

If you want to hide the control you can ComboBox1.Visible = False

But if you are looking to hide the Text of the menu you could do something like having a method to fill the ComboBox and another method to remove it.

For instance on the Window adding 2 methods FillCombo and RemoveCombo

Dim s As String

Dim last As Integer

Dim d As New Date

s = “January,February,March,April,May,June,July,” _

  • “August,September,October,November,December”

last = CountFields(s, “,”)
For i As Integer = 1 To last

ComboBox1.AddRow(NthField(s, “,”, i))


ComboBox1.ListIndex = d.Month - 1





Of course if you have the list already populated you could come up with a routine to save it to a file or database then have a routine to bring it back in and repopulate the ComboBox.
Anyway just a thought for you and to help get you going in a direction :smiley: