show animation files

what is the best file format like GIF to show animation on one app for kits on DeskTop .

i am looking for recommendation for best and easy and fast.

Don’t think Xojo supports GIF

Your best bet would be to use a mov or mp4 file and play it with AVFoundation (OSX)

But GIF mostly does not contain many frames. So you can load all frames seperately and use a timer to make an animation in a canvas.

this app is for windows

Might not be efficient, but loading the gifs in a webview will display the animation.

What is the best way of doing it if you are creating a multi-platform app? I would like to display a small logo that is currently an AVI but I could convert it to MOV or MP4, but I would like it to compile (or conditionally compile) from one set of source into two apps for OS X and Windows.