Show a window from a toolbar

My project has 3 windows and one of them has a toolbar with two buttons (MIDITest and Piano). I need help on how to show my MIDITest window and Piano window using my buttons in the toolbar.
I have succeeded showing a MsgBox as a test but can’t figure out how to show a window with those buttons.
Thank you


Xojo version #
OS Name / Version,
Kind of the Window with the ToolBar…

How do I show a Window ?


Nota: I do not had a trouble to display a window from a ToolBar button (Linux, MacOS, Windows XP… etc.). Xojo 2015r1 (and previous/Later).

Thank you Emile
I have 3 Windows.
My Window3 has the Toolbar with two icons in it.
I inserted an Action Event which contain Window2.Show
The problem is Window2 show up no matter which icon I clicked.
I want only one icon to show my Window2 when clicked.
I am a beginner in coding in XOJO…

I use XOJO 2019 Release 1
Mac OSX latest version

I got it working…
MIDI is the name of my button in my toolbar
Here is the code in my Action Event:

Select Case item.Caption
Case “MIDI” //pushButton

End Select

Regards to all

I see, your code missed the Select Case query before. :slight_smile:

Your code comes from: ?

@Emile from this video

Recycled there…

I forgot: and this is a good thing: I do it all the time (as probably everybody)… :wink: