Should the MobileImagePicker work from a modal MobileScreen?

The .Show method doesn’t display the MobileImagePicker when launched from a modal screen. I’ve filed a feedback report but, just in case I’m using it wrong, I wanted to ask the brains trust whether anyone has seen this and has a workaround?

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Did you try with the UIImagePickerController within iOSKit? That might provide some details on if it works with declares so Xojo can fix the built in class

I’ve updated my project for API 2 so will need to try to get the iOSKit UIImagePicker working on a MobileScreen. One thing I did notice is that the old Xojo framework iOSImagePicker doesn’t have this problem.

Confirming that the iOSKit UIImagePickerController seems to work. I had to change a couple of references from iOSView to MobileScreen and change the two iOSImage properties to Pictures but, other than that, the picker is presented over the top of a modal MobileScreen and you can select photos. I shall keep testing.

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