Shorts reports designer and sql server?


I’m considering my options for reporting again and I’m looking at shorts. I already use it for bespoke reporting but I’m thinking of using the designer.

I notice there is no option for sqlserver but of course does exist.

Has anyone any experience of using it with sqlserver on windows?

You could give it a whirl with ODBC. No personal experience unfortunately.

Yeah, I stopped using the Xojo ODBC stuff a few years back because it couldn’t cope with the stored procedures and some of the sql I was using. I moved to SqlMbs and have been using that since then with more or less no issues.

The ‘problem’ I have is that simple stuff works ok with the xojo ODBC, so I imagine if I knock up some simple reports, they would too. I was wondering if anyone had done some complex reporting and noticed any problems.

The good news is that in version 1.8 we added SqlMBS support so we could add Informix for a customer. This should allow us to add SQL Server with relative ease. The (relative) bad news is that 1.8 is the last of the 1.0 line and we’re busy working on version 2. Probably a month away from an initial 2.0 release (assuming consulting work doesn’t get crazy).

Contact me via email so we can talk about your timeframe and any other requirements you might have.