Shortcuts not working on Mac at startup Xojo

Is it just me or are more people having the same issue?
When I start Xojo and open a project various shortcuts don’t work.
I have to select an action from the menu.
After I have done that the shortcut of that action all of a sudden does work.

For example.
I open a project and want to find some text in the project.
cmd + F doesn’t work and I have to select Edit → Find → Find from the menu in order to be able to enter the text I want to find.
After I have selected this Find from the menu, cmd + F works fine for he rest of the time Xojo is open.
Same for debug step over/into/out, run IDE script, …

Very weird behavior. :wink:

I haven’t noticed this and I rely pretty heavily on keyboard shortcuts. What version of macOS?

I know there was another topic or post about this somewhere, but I did a quick check of Feedback and didn’t immediately see a report for this behavior.

Find works here, but run do not always… whn in the debugger…

Run fails often for me and then I click the toolbar button.

When I’m in the debugger a Cmd-R sometimes fails.

Maybe there is a conflicting shortcut from macOS or another app that runs as a service?

See “System Preferences” > “Keyboard” > “Shortcuts” and go through the list.

I have it since a couple of macOS versions and also on various Macs (Mac mini 2014 now replaced by a Mac mini 2018 and MacBook Pro 15" Late 2013 now replaced by a MacBook Pro 16" 2019)
So it’s not macOS and not Mac specific.

I have a similar behaviour for Command-W to close the window. Doesn’t work half of the time…

Cmd + F is a generic shortcut for Find and is used in many applications.
It can’t be a conflict because if it was, the shortcut wouldn’t work at all in Xojo.
As mentioned in the opening post the shortcut doesn’t work initially.
When the action behind the shortcut is triggered via the menu the shortcut starts to work without any problem.

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Your problem sounds a bit like one I had a while ago. I had in my app a duplicate key combo. Instead of using the first one my app got totally confused.

And Cmd-Shift-W ?
The former close a Tab, why the later close the Project Window. I have hard times sometimes with that, but this is my fault, when I forget the second command is what I have to use…

@PaulS: Cmd-F works fine here; I always get the Search / Replace area in the Xojo IDE.