ShellExecute to a server file

Hi everyone
I’v learn here on this forum how to get number of page of pdf by Shell command like this

sh.Execute "mdls -name kMDItemNumberOfPages -raw " + f.Item(i).ShellPath

It work like a charm But
Doesn’t work when i try to run my app on a pdf in a server… it return NULL…
This is the shellcommand AND the path to the pdf

mdls -name kMDItemNumberOfPages -raw /Volumes/Myserver_ZZZFP01/0\\-Programmation/Denis/FixNPair/16/pagex\\ copy\\ 01.pdf

The problem is in the Path OR a shell execute only local ?

And your server is the same OS ?

try running “which mdls” and see if that gives you any result on your server

server Windows with comm protocols SMB (PC) _ AFP (Mac).
On my MAC the server is mount by SMB

I expect the mdls executable doesn’t exist on windows so its not surprising it does nothing