Shell Timeout

I am confused about the Shell Timeout property.

For Windows, this is by default set to 2000 (2 seconds).
But when you use the shell and let it do stuff, it does not close after 2 seconds.
Now that’s good because I do not want it to close automatically.

But what does the ‘Timeout’ precisely do?

BTW this is Windows only. macOS does not have Timeout.

It’s for use with executemode.synchronous only (on windows) i believe.

I see, so not for Asynchronous and Interactive. Will test that.

I think it’s meant for stopping windows processes that may remain haninging if their parent process is quit or terminated. On windows a child-process (using shell class) may remain running forever if the parent termniated/crashed or so. Shell.Close won’t close the child process even… there may be a solution for this on the forum (windows declare).

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