Shell mode


the following code start an external java applet:

dim s as new shell dim f as FolderItem=GetFolderItem("").Child("vnc") s.mode=0 dim cmd as String cmd="java -jar "+ f.ShellPath +"/viewer.jar -host="+ip+" -password="+passwd+" -showConnectionDialog=No" s.Execute (cmd)

but it blocks the main ui. Changing to mode 1 or 2 does not block the main ui but won’t start the java applet.

Any ideas?

@Marco Winster — You may try to add " &" at the end of your command

i solved it by dragging a shell class into the main window, then shellmode=1 works and the apples starts…

dim s as new shell

Since this is a local Property in your method, it’ll go out of scope before the (async) process is finished. So it works “by design” :slight_smile:

Or you could add a property s of type Shell to your window and use that in your method: self.s = new shell. That way it should not get out of scope too soon (unless you’re closing the Window).