Hello all. First timer here. I’m finishing my degree in web and software development this April, and just landed a new job. They use Xojo here and I’m still learning all of the syntax.
My question is how would I execute more than one shell script at a time? The logical choices to me would be
sh.Execute(partOne + partTwo)
sh.Execute(partOne &/&& partTwo)
sh.Execute(partOne) + (partTwo)
sh.Execute(partOne) & /&& (partTwo)
but none of these work. Is it possible to execute multiple shell commands?

Do you mean two scripts concurrently, or successively?
If you’d like to run them concurrently, the easiest route within Xojo would be more than one Shell object.
If you’re trying to run two successive shell commands you would join them as any normal string of commands with a semicolon.

It looks like you’re bringing in syntax from another language. You may wish to review the Xojo manual to learn what is legal and what is not within the Xojo language.

Thanks @Tim Parnell - I’ll take a look.

You use the same syntax as the OS’ primary shell for doing the task.

For one after the other:
Windows using the ampersand

the1stCmd /arg1 /arg2 & the2ndCmd /arg1 /arg2

Mac and Linux using the semicolon

the1stCmd /arg1 /arg2 ; the2ndCmd /arg1 /arg2

This will run the1stCmd to completion and THEN run the2ndCmd

For simultaneous execution, use multiple shells as Tim P suggests, setting the shells’ mode to 1 or 2 and looping to wait for a response from either.

Dim theShell1, theShell2 As Shell theShell1.Mode = 1 theShell2.Mode = 1 theShell1.Execute the1stCmd theShell2.Execute the2ndCmd Do theShell1.Poll theShell2.Poll Loop Until Not theShell1.IsRunning And Not theShell2.IsRunning // handle ErrorCodes and output