shell command failed...

dim AShell as new Shell AShell.Mode = 0 AShell.Execute(cmd) results = AShell.Result

I just got a new error message I’ve never seen before in results.

[quote]bash: -c: line 0: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `"’
bash: -c: line 1: syntax error: unexpected end of file

When I copy and paste the value of command into the terminal (I’m on mac os x) the command runs successfully.

This sounds like your cmd syntax is not correct. Check in your debugger what your cmd looks like

As i said, I copied and pasted command into the terminal and ran it and it ran fine…

what is the “cmd”? if we knew that, we could probably help you.

You’ll need to double quote your string constant when using this with shell.

/usr/local/bin/findscu -S -k 0008,0052=SERIES -k 0010,0020 -k 0020,000D="“1.2.840.113970.\0"” -k 0020,000E -k 0008,0060 -k 0020,0011 -k 0008,103E -k 0008,0021 -k 0008,0031 -k 0020,1209 105 -aec DEIDENTIFY -aet CGETROUTER

I usually use replaceall(cmd, chr(34), chr(34) + chr(34))

What is the \0 in the Quoted string!? That’s not there when I copy and paste…

it’s a character that you normally won’t see. It’s a null terminator.

Ya… That was the issue…
I had to cmd=replaceall(cmd, chr(0), “”)
Then it works…