Sharing data between iOS users

I’m working on a simple iOS app that logs my dog’s activities in a table view. Each event is just a time stamp and a couple of simple value properties (strings and integers).

Currently, my app stores this in a SQLite database.

I’d like for my wife and I to both use the app. This would require being able to share the log database between two instances of the app on different devices.

What would be the best approach to do this?

I was thinking that maybe putting the SQLite file in iCloud. Would that work? Would another device be able to open the file if I figured out the permissions correctly?

Ideally I’d like to avoid having to setup a server just to host a simple text file!

It’s not a simple text file. Putting an sqlite database on shared storage is highly discouraged. Once you get more than one device accessing it you need to use another solution.

Do you have a suggestion?

Since this is mobile, I’m guessing it needs to be accessible outside the local network, so it will need to be at least a web app serving a REST api. You could also move the data entry to the web app and not need REST, but it’s no longer an ios app. It’s just a web page.

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You could try to make your app an icloud document based app. I believe @Greg_O may be able to tell you more and he has some code that can do this.

You may want to create a simpler file like multi-line-json or binary to parse lines for example instead of a single structured file.

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@Jeremie_L pointed me in the direction of ArrestDB which provides a simple API to a hosted SQLite or MySQL database which I think might be ideal.


I use AirTable for an on-line phone directory app. As long as you have less than 1000 records the account is free. Their API documentation is excellent.

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I discontinued my own server and started using Supabase. It’s a PostgreSQL database, has built-in APIs and is free up until 500 MB of data.


That’s ok but if you are going to go php then this is better IMO. Single php file and has a ton of querying conventions built in:

Single file api


Nice find!

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As we have moved onto hosted solutions (conscious that @GarryPettet ideally didn’t want to do that ideally), a contender that I feel I need to mention is pocketbase.

Download a pre-built binary and go with that. From the intro page:

PocketBase is an open source backend consisting of embedded database (SQLite) with realtime subscriptions, built-in auth management, convenient dashboard UI and simple REST-ish API.

It is it’s own web server based on Go and can handle a lot of connections it seems.

Find myself quite drawn to it tbh.


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Hello @Christoph_Emrich

Do you have a sample app or code with Xojo and Supabase?

Hi Sébastien, sorry, I don’t have Xojo code with Supabase since I moved on from Xojo a few months ago.