Shared Memory MBS question

In regards to the discussion at : what do the shared memory functions from the MBS plugin use under the hood? Those functions are majorly cool, easy to use and blazingly fast.

@Christian Schmitz can you speak to this? (am I entering that tag incorrectly?)

The point of interest for me is that using IPC sockets for interapplication communication is relatively slow. And so surely shared memory must be the most efficient way to accomplish that. …but I’ve never used the technique. Also related: Sam Rowlands’ exploration in this thread:

The tag is not correct as Schmitz is not blue and I didn’t get notified.

See the functions here:

We use MapViewOfFile for Windows and mmap for Mac & Linux.

[quote=419683:@Christian Schmitz]See the functions here: [/quote]

I see version 18.3 is listed for the addition of some of the shared memory functions ( here ), so they are pretty recent.

These appear they could be a really efficient way to share data with helper apps. Can anyone confirm if they are compatible with Mojave, or notarized apps, or the app sandbox? It sounds like it uses a different method than Sam’s tests did.

The functions itself are probably 10 years old!

GetSharedMemoryValue/SetSharedMemoryValue are simplified functions, we added recently.

Not sure if they work with the sandbox. You could easily try that.
We don’t use the functions Sam mentions.