Shared memory between applications

Being lazy and just wondering if anyone has done this with OS X, all I’m looking for is to store a Uint32 in a location that a Xojo made can get to (it will also be Sandboxed), so that a Obj-C app can set a flag.

Hmmm …. i know peter stys is using shard memory for fast data transfer

He’s the only one I know doing this as his app is really performance critical

I believe that IPCSockets actually end up using shared memory on OS X - so they are quite speedy. I once ran some tests comparing shared memory to IPCSockets and didn’t come away deciding to rewrite my app to use shared memory.

My guess is that shared memory wouldn’t be allowed in a sandboxed app - or is it?

I don’t know if it’s allowed, but I’m trying to find a way to easily bridge a 64-Bit ‘wrapper’ application with a 32-Bit ‘wrapped’ application. The ‘wrapper’ application launches first and providing it’s checks are fine, it launches the ‘wrapped’ application. However the wrapped application (my Xojo app) needs to talk to the 64-Bit app to ensure that things went well.

If I declare into the 'wrapper’s framework, my app dies :frowning: So I thought about, what it the ‘wrapped’ application could allocate a single byte (or more) of shared memory and then my app could access that memory to confirm it’s being run at the same time as the ‘wrapper’ application.

When it does it’s checks - I guess I could try polling activateApplications to see if it’s running… Thanks guys :slight_smile: