Shared_Documents Path On Xojo Cloud As String Not FolderItem

Hello everyone,

I’m sure I knew this one, but have forgotten.

I have a Xojo Web Project hosted on Xojo Cloud. I generate and store some PDF documents in my Xojo Cloud Shared_Documents folder (or SpecialFolder.SharedDocuments).

I wish to load a PDF document stored in Shared_Documents as the URL (As String) of a WebHTMLViewer.

Can someone remind me of the string path to the Shared_Documents folder on Xojo Cloud? I hoped this would work, but didn’t.

Dim tFile As String
tFile = "/Shared_Documents/" + tSalesProposalId + ".pdf"
HTMLViewer1.URL = tFile 'noting that .URL is expecting a string not a FolderItem

Thank you. Kind regards, Andrew

You should use SpecialFolder.SharedDocuments.URLPath to get that value as its physical location may change in the future.
Scratch that.

The SharedDocuments folder is not accessible from a browser. You’ll need to put the file into a folder next to your app for this to work.

Thank you Greg, will do.