Share image and text

Does anybody know how can we share an image and text? I use the iOSKit ActivityView to share an image or a text/url, but how can I do this together?

How would you expect this to work? Would attaching the image to an email and setting the text you want to share as the body of the email suffice? Or?

If there aren’t options presented when both are added its because Apple doesn’t think there is anything applicable so you may need another approach different from UIActivity.

Share picture and text via email, iMessage, Facebook, Twitter etc.

This won’t be possible as you describe. Facebook does not allow you to share text anymore, the user must type it themselves. I don’t know anything about Twitter, but to share to email, you should use the MFMailComposeViewController. I have a partially completed class sitting here for sending text messages as well that I can post in a few days when I complete it if you like.

Facebook has since changed there policy on this, however, and no longer allows it. See:

Why they doesn’t allow this for iOS and allow it for Mac OS X?

This is my current application Aana Date Calculator.

It can share text (string and link) with a picture at the same time on Mac OS X 10.11.4

And this is the result on Facebook:

And the same on twitter: