Share from Photos without using ImagePicker

I have an app that is able to receive images from Files/iCloud Drive on iOS, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to share a selected image from the Photos app to my app.

If I take that same image and save it to Photos, I’m unable to share/export it from Photos to my app, either in the simulator or on device.

I have FileTypes for PNG, JPEG and TIFF.

Anyone have any ideas?

You’ll need to make a share extension to enable this. I don’t believe it’s possible in Xojo, however. You should be able to make one in Xcode with swift then bundle it with your Xojo iOS app

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The file types you created. What UTIs did you use and are they marked as being created by your app or not?

I used these file types for tiff, png and jpeg, and they’re set to Edit for role, not set as unique to the app, and Rank is None.

I’ve tried owner and edit, but both gave the same result.

Do me a favor and try dragging each of those file types into that editor and see if you get any more entries in those fields.

Dragging them gave me new filetypes. The PNG had the same extension as the one I added. The new JPEG only had one extension instead of four.

Photos still doesn’t see my app to share to.

Ok, just wanted to make sure.

For those who are interested: I found this tutorial on how to create a Sharing Extension in Xcode…