SF Symbols Mobile

I was using this in 2019R3 how do I interpret it to run on Mobile?

Dim SFimage As iOSImage = iOSImage.SystemImage("hand.thumbsup.fill", 24, iOSImage.SystemImageWeights.Regular, BW)
Declare Function imageWithRenderingMode Lib "UIKit.framework" selector "imageWithRenderingMode:" (id As ptr, RenderingMode As Integer) As ptr

SFimage = iOSImage.FromHandle(imageWithRenderingMode(SFimage.Handle, 1))

Look at Picture.SystemImage.

Thanks Martin

Be careful with updating code from iOSImage to Picture.

The width and height of an iOSImage are measured in Points, whereas the width and height of a Picture are measured in Pixels.
This is a real difficulty when updating code in the paint event of a Canvas.

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