Several weird behaviors (bugs?) on Linux

I have an app running on Windows, Mac and Linux. On Linux I’ve just experienced several issues.

Creating Linux build
On compiling for Linux I always get this message which I can cancel and it then continues, but it’s just annoying (I have the license for Linux builds):

Mouseup/Mousedown events
On TabPannel/DesktopTabPannel I could see MouseDown is working on Mac but not MouseUp. On Linux both events simply don’t work at all.

Window size
I have some Window(s) with fixed size (Resizable not activated). in Linux but you can resize them as user, they are not fixed

Window icons
Depending on the Window type you use some Window icons always are there, even if you disable “Has Close Button”, “Has Close Button”, “Has Minimize Button”, “Has Full Screen Button”. F.e. Window of type “Document” shows the Minimize, Maxime and Close Button even if you have disabled them.

I’m not working with an exotic Linux distribution, it’s Ubuntu 22.04

All tested on Mac with Xojo 2023 - Version 1

One trick you may try is to set the MinWidth and MaxWidth equal to Width (and same thing for height).
I don’t know if this trick will work as expected on Linux, since it’s an OS I rarely use.

2023R1 is buggy, you should use 2023R1.1 at minimum, better 2023R4 if possible.

Once tested on R4 (to check if your observations were corrected) and “bugs” still present, you should report those “not fixed” yet.

Thank you all, tested all your tips:

  • Setting min/max Window height/width to initial height/width doesn’t work. The Window is resizeable. Only positive effect: Min height/width works.
  • Installed 2023R4, all mentioned bugs remain.

Will create some bugs then.

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