Several polled serials resulting in communication problems?

I have a desktop app that basically is an interface between a web server and several devices.
Lastly I included several serially connected devices, some in reality Bluetooth but with a virtual com port, some serial and connected via USB adapters.
I employ timer-polled serial sockets with a period of 250 ms.
Everything works nicely, except for when the customer tries to connect more than 2 (macOS) or more than 1 device (Windows) at the same time. Without the sockets giving an error, communication fails on at least one device.

I just had the client test several instances of a simple serial communication app at the same time, connected to his devices, and they continue to work flawlessly for hours. So I guess that moving the device handling into console apps will be a solution.
But what might be the cause of the problem? There are a few timers going on, but basically the main app is idling waiting for either device or server commands. Did anyone experience problems with handling several serial devices at the same time too?

never had such issues, but then i’ve never had to poll the devices using serial.poll always used events for the data…