Setup installers for Windows

I’m confused. Do I still need to create, for Windows app setup installers, both 32 bit and 64 bit setup installers for a 64 bit application?

If you use InnoSetup it’s possible to bundle both into one installer package. Done correctly, the user doesnt even have to know which their system is. I’d love to offer some example but I’m not at my machine right now.

Since Xojo can build both 32 and 64 bit from one code base in just a couple clicks, I would definitely build both and bundle them together to reach the most users.

The present state of Windows is that since the support of 32 bit executables is absolutely perfect, you can produce 32 bit exe and that’s enough.

All depends on your customers. Some corporate customers may require 64 bit. Personally, as I mostly produce end user software sold through my web sites, the Windows Store and Amazon, I simply do 32 bits.

Tim, I like the idea of the bundle. I am using InnoSetup. If you have time, later, I would appreciate any guidance. Thanks!

Here’s my script which does exactly that, bundles 32 and 64 together based on command line options. By default it’ll build a combo installer, but I use a batch file to have it build distinct 32-bit and 64-bit installers too.

Thanks to all. Question generously answered.