Setting up AdMob plist - application identifier

Maybe a questions for @Christian_Schmitz or someone else who has already implemented this. I am working through the example and Christian’s blog post. For the plist, the post says to change the application identifier, and the sample has this: ca-app-pub-3940256099942544~1458002511

Is the identifier the app’s bundle ID? The app ID on App Store Connect? Something in Apple Developer? Based on the above, it looks like it might be the app ID on Connect, but I’m not certain. If it is this ID, what would get changed from the above? Only the last bunch of numbers? Does the ca-app-pub remain? Does the middle set of numbers get changed?

Found it. It is a string from the AdMob portal

I may be back with more questions, but am off running again :slight_smile:

Thanks for finding the solution yourself.

See also the blog post:
Add Google Ads to your Xojo app

Thanks, and yep, following along with that post

Some advice for using Admob in your apps:

  1. On AppStoreconnect don’t forget to fill the Marketing URL for each supported language.
    The marketing URL is usually your app’s website.

  2. After setting the marketing URL, add the “app-ads.txt” file at the root of your website. The contents of that file are available in your Admob App Ads configuration page:

  3. Using admob banners is almost useless. I was initially using:

  • Open ads
  • Rewarded ads
  • Banner ads

The revenue from banner ads was less than 1% of total ad revenue. I decided to remove them to have a nicer looking user interface.

For one of my apps I have the following eCPM (estimated cost per mille) figures:

  • eCPM for Open ads: ~$8
  • eCPM for Rewarded ads: ~$32
  • eCPM for Interstitial ads: ~$9
  • eCPM for Banner ads: ~$0.4

Your responses are always valued Jeremie, thank you for these tips! I was planning on using banner ads, but based on your experience, I think I will stick with rewarded ads and open or interstitial. I agree, banner ads muddy up the app

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I still don’t completely understand AdMob. Is there something I can do to improve on eCPM? Or does this depend on things I cannot control for the most part?

For most part you can’t really control it.
The only part you can control is correctly setting the app-ads.txt file which increases your eCPM.
You can also try to convince your users to allow Ad Tracking, which will result in better ads and eCPM.

In my travel app, tracking is allowed for 20% of users.
For the other, tracking is allowed for 30% of users. I can’t explain the difference :man_shrugging:

I currently have two apps running ads, eCPM for my travel app is much higher, I guess this is because travel related ads are more expensive.

On the other hand you can improve global ad revenue by displaying rewarded ads instead of interstitial or have a mix of both.

In my apps I display a popup giving the user a choice between watching an ad or upgrading to Premium.

25% of purchases were triggered by that popup in one app. (95% of users see it).
Only 2% in another app where I have the same popup. (Many users have already upgraded to Premium before having a chance to see the popup).