Setting the ListBox font

How do you set the font of a listbox in the layout?

I have a project I started back in March of 2016 (apparently) that has a ListBox. When I open the project, the font in the ListBox is Andale Mono. When I do a “Find” on “Andale”, the results show the name being found in the ListBox layout.

Somehow, I must have been able to set the font of the ListBox in the layout editor, but I cannot see where to do it in the present version (2016 release 4.1). Gritting my teeth, I added the font change to the new project’s window’s Open event handler.

This is making me crazy.

With your ListBox selected click the cog on the info panel.
You can change the font back to “System” Size 0 there.

Thank you ever so much!