setting text direction in a graphic

I am looking how to manipulate text drawn in a canvas. I would like to be able to mirror the text vertically or horizontally as well as write right to left. I can do rotations and that works well.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Look at Object2D StringShape

oh… you want to MIRROR… THAT is a little more tricky… probably best to draw into a picture object, and then use RGBSurface to make the mirror image…

Dave, thanks for your reply. I am using StringShape to rotate the text and that works well. I have been thinking along the lines you mentioned, convert the StringShape into a Picture object and then apply effects to that. It would mean, though that I would need to also store the original text for editing purposes and then store all the manipulations so they can be redone as required. A more complicated activity than I envisaged and more detailed investigation required. But then it is Xmas after all :slight_smile:

Will also look at MonkeyBread plugins and see if there is any help there.