Setting minimum macOS requirements for a built app

I want to set the minimum OS version of my app to 10.11. How to do this? I can’t find a setting in the IDE. I can set the minimum version in project’s info.plist, but it’s overwritten by the Xojo defaults when the app is built (i.e. 10.10 for 2019R1.1). Should this be done in a Build step?

A build step:

Dim App As String = CurrentBuildLocation + "/""" + CurrentBuildAppName + ".app""" Call DoShellCommand("/usr/bin/defaults write " + App + "/Contents/Info ""LSMinimumSystemVersion"" ""10.11.0""")

feedback://showreport?report_id=58181 macOS Build Settings: Minimum System Version

[quote]There are many reasons and situations where one might want to build an application and just support certain macOS Versions. As of today, it’s likely someone just wants to support macOS 10.12 and newer (for a certain application/project).

There are other Feature Requests, e.g. for a full featured Info.plist editor. Sure that would be even better.
But meanwhile… at least offer an easy way for the most often needed values (such as Minimum System Version).

Unfortunately, you can’t just add a Info.plist to a Xojo Project with LSMinimumSystemVersion, because the IDE will overwrite this when building with the “Framework value”.
So currently it seems one has to do that later with some post-build-processing, such as @Thom McGrath has posted above.

@Thom McGrath @Jürg Otter

Thank you both.

If you process with AppWrapper you can set a minimum OS version with that tool as well.

Just do NOT set it lower than what the IDE /Compiler already sets it to - thats a recipe for problems