Setting Dark Mode in Simulator

Needed to set Dark Mode in simulator. Found out how (it’s not completely obvious):

It’s in the Features menu. The Toggle Appearance item. CMD-Shift A.

(I was looking for something like Toggle Dark Mode.)

Hope this helps someone.


Very useful. Thanks! I was clicking on Home, launching Settings, flipping the switch in Developer Mode, and then reopening my app. It was a hassle.

BTW, I haven’t found a need for the AppearanceChanged event any longer. Everything seems to behave properly without using that.


My experience, too, about things behaving properly. In the little app I was working on I had an image to display the name, and, of course, that did not work well. What I did is redid the name in text, but I can imagine using the event to pick a correct image in some cases.

Also, Color.isDarkMode proved useful.

Yes, I forgot that I have redrawn graphics in an earlier app.