Setting button.caption to webdings font "play" character

How do I set a button.caption to the webdings “play” character?
I keep getting the system font and the number 4
I verified the font exists. ButtonFont is a string for the font.

If App.ButtonFont <> "" Then Bevel17PlayWord.Icon = Nil Bevel17PlayWord.TextFont = App.ButtonFont Bevel17PlayWord.TextSize = 18 Bevel17PlayWord.Caption = Chr(52) Else Bevel17PlayWord.Caption = "" End If

Chr(52) IS the 4 though


If App.ButtonFont <> "" Then
  Bevel17PlayWord.Icon = Nil
  Bevel17PlayWord.TextFont = App.ButtonFont
  Bevel17PlayWord.TextSize = 18
  Bevel17PlayWord.TextSize.Caption = &uF034
  Bevel17PlayWord.Caption = ""
End If

and i’m sure you came to wonder “how the heck did he figure out &uF034?”
opened font book on os x
select web dings
scrolled the the character I wanted to see & the help tag that shows up show the Unicode code point as that value

I also tried “4”. Is there something I am missing?

yeah 4 is not right :stuck_out_tongue: nor is chr(52) which is a “4”
what makes you think it is ?

Just guessing. Because the things you can do with changing fonts It might be hex but I’ll have to look that one up

Character map on Windows sure seems to suggest that chr(52), in WebDings, should be the play symbol

Never forget chr() addresses Unicode points. Not the decimal slot in the font.

&uF034 or chr(&hF034)

Get my Char Menu for free in the Mac App Store or the Windows Store : it will give you the Unicode value for any character in any font.

Thank you. I was missing the f0. It is called Char Menu? No rsvp unless spelling wrong

You don’t understand. It is coincidental that the slot is &h34. It has nothing to do with Unicode F034. &uF034 is found in other slots all over the map in other Microsoft fonts such as Segoe UI Symbol.

Thank you for the “&uf034”.
I am wondering now about something that seems to be impossible - or I have Wingdings instead of Webdings. I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what was happening, but the font that is being displayed is Wingdings and not Webdings. I double checked the textfont and tried to change the hex value about 20 times before it occurred to look at the very next font and there were the symbols that weren’t supposed to be there.
Just in case my code is wrong:

[code] Dim fc As Integer//for setting the Windings font for special characters
fc = FontCount-1

	For fi As Integer = 0 To fc
			If Font(fi) = ButtonFont Then
					ButtonFont = Font(fi)//ButtonFont = ButtonFont
			ElseIf fi = fc And Font(fi) <> ButtonFont Then
					ButtonFont = ""
			End If
	Next//for setting the Windings font for special characters[/code]

Edit: I took out the part for selecting the font (leaving System font as default), and found the character &U25B6 and got my character.