Setting app executable name

Is there a way to set the “Mac App Nmae” dynamically at build time to name the executable .app file?
Seems that there should be some way to do it using IDE Build Scripts.

I would imagine that you can set it via the PropertyValue via IDE Scripting. Not sure what the actual property name is but you could probably try app.MacCarbonMachName (that’s what the project file calls it).$PropertyValue

I use

PropertyValue("App.MacOSXAppName") = "MyApp.App"

in my build scripts.

I think I mentioned this before: changing the name does NOT work in an IDE script but only in an IDE communicator script.

There are multiple different kind of “Scripts”:

  1. Scripts located in a Scripts/ folder next to your project file. These show up in the File/IDE Scripts menu
  2. Build scripts (found in Build Settings on a per-platform basis). These are also split into pre-build and post-build scripts.
  3. IDE Communicator scripts

I’ve found that changing the app name works fine in #1. I’ve not tested #2 or #3. Beatrix, can you clarify?

When you build app it’s too late to change the name. Even if you put the name change before the build step. Changing the name only works for #3.